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Monday, 12 May 2014

Pin by elke bernaerts on Plastische opvoeding

Pin by elke bernaerts on Plastische opvoeding Poultry offerings from would POLITICAL language, Mr Brocklebanks old mucker George Orwell wrote, is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. Certainly the political language of Liverpools elected mayor campaign has been the source of much debate primarily the enforced absence of some of it from particular candidates election material at the behest of cautious returning officer Ged Fitzgerald. On a local BNP blog site, there is mention of the apparent aggressive behaviour of Merseyside police during a recent demo. The posting alludes to the fowl language being used by a female police officer, which, short of her calling them a bunch of clucking idiots, is surely a mistake. But the proverbial biscuit has to be taken by Cambridge graduate no less and English Democrat candidate Paul Rimmer, who bemoans in his manifesto falling standards in literacy and numeracy. Unfortunate, given the context, that he should refer to this as a mute point rather than a moot one. MIKE Whitby, the BNPs candidate for mayor, describes himself as a marketing consultant, although he seems to be having trouble marketing himself to the Liverpool electorate. On his page in the manifesto booklet, are the faces of three people endorsing Mr Whitby, one an elderly pensioner who claims We want to be part of a caring community again, another a vicar hoping to protect Britain from the Islamic threat surely not relevant, Mr Fitzgerald, and finally a cabbie who wants a government that puts British people first. The Reverend in question, Robert West, does not reside in Liverpool but appears to live in Holbeach in Lincolnshire, while the only person on the UK electoral role with the same name as the pensioner lives in Dartford. Where the generic cabbie comes from is anyones guess, but Mr B suspects its not from round these parts. Whats that old rightwing line about getting back to where you came from again? ACADEMICS warned, ahead of the city deal with the government that resulted in Liverpool having an elected mayor that the city had already had its share of personality politics and didnt need any more. So its quite amusing to observe that so far, what with the election booklet censorship fiasco, the chief executives office long considered a personalityfree zone has been making all the headlines. Guest Blog: Tom Morrison: Tips for Jake Morrison running against Luciana Berger in 2015 general election.Pin #by #elke #bernaerts #on #Plastische #opvoeding

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